The White Horse Theatre with „The Tyrant’s Kiss“

On Monday, 13th May at IGS Querum, there was a theatre group. The name of this group was „The White Horse Theatre“. What a special name. All the students from Year 7, 8 and 9 watched their performances.
The play is set in Africa and Europe. A man, Perry, tries to reach Europe. A trafficker helps him to get over the European border with a boat. The boat sinks because there were to many people aboard. Perry survives with a lifeboat and swims to Turkey.
There, two people find him and take him to their home. Perry falls in love with the daughter of the man who has found Perry and they try to get out of this country with a big boat, they ride into the ocean and on this ocean, their child is born. The daughter of the man that has found Perry, Thaisa, dies and Perry throws her off the boat. A midwife helps Perry and takes the child, whose name is Marina, to a hospital.
Perry often has problems with the police and is wanted and dangerous, the police think. That’s why he gets into prison. Fifteen years later, he gets a postcard that says he is free.

One day, two traffickers see Marina and offer her a „good job“ to get money. It was a lie … The traffickers take Marina to a house where she must work. She doesn’t get money there. She talks with her owner that she hasn’t got a family and he lets her go out of compassion.
She moves back and sees a man dressed as a beggar. She asks him what his history is and notices that the beggar is her father Perry. The dad of Marina. Marina takes Perry to go to a hospital because he is in shock. At the hospital, Perry and Marina find Thaisa‘s mother. They are so surprised when they hear that Thaisa has been washed up and found on the beach by doctors. In the end the family is together again.

My opinion: The White Horse Theatre is a very cool and funny group and I have really enjoyed their imagination.
Report by Tobey Täubner, tutor group 7.2

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